8. The Order of Enoch The Cause of Zion

Why is the Melchizedek priesthood also called the “priesthood after the order of Enoch?” Enoch’s Zion is one of the great prototypes of what we are intended to establish in our day. The building up of Zion is the principal purpose of the restoration. If we miss that, we’ll miss everything. We must learn to walk the path the ancients did, exercising the same faith, and manifesting the same fruit. Today is the day to repent; the kingdom of heaven is at hand.
  1. 8. The Order of Enoch
  2. 7. The Order of the Son of God – Part 2
  3. 6. The Order of the Son of God – Part 1
  4. 5. The Holy Order
  5. 4. Good and Evil | James Gee

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